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Elmhurst Seventh-Day Adventist Church
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Where The SON Always Shines!
Seek God First
Devotional for Friday, March 23 2018 - « Previous
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God will be to us everything we will let Him be. Our languid, half-hearted prayers will not bring us returns from heaven. Oh, we need to press our petitions! Ask in faith, wait in faith, receive in faith, rejoice in hope, for everyone that seeketh findeth. Be in earnest in the matter. Seek God with all the heart. People put soul and earnestness into everything they undertake in temporal things, until their efforts are crowned with success. With intense earnestness learn the trade of seeking the rich blessings that God has promised and with persevering, determined effort you shall have His light and His truth and His rich grace.

Tell Jesus your wants in the sincerity of your soul. You are not required to hold a long convtroversy with, or preach a sermon to, God, but with a heart of sorrow for your sins, say, "Save me, Lord or I perish." There is hope for such souls. They will seek, they will ask, they will knock, and they will find. When Jesus has taken away the burden of sin that is crushing the soul, you will experience the blessedness of the peace of Christ.

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